Retractable Garage Screens

Garage Screens…Breeze Comes In. Bugs Stay Out.

Custom-made so you have full protection

Stoett’s exterior grade garage door screens create shade, ventilation, and pest protection for your garage and storage areas with the Panorama™ wide format screen system. Your garage can be open for air and view without being open to bugs, full sun, and debris.

The garage door screen has offered an extended environment for a wide range of activities, expanding usable space in areas where square footage is a precious asset. Creatively, many have utilized this newly functional space for working out, parties, and even as a doggy hang out! The screen gives you the most time in your woodshop and workspace, especially in the evenings when you have your lights on and bugs are out. Using your garage screen while leaving the door open to the house can provide cross-ventilation and breeze if there are windows or screen doors on the opposite side of the house. Panorama™ is perfect for keeping your workspace clean, your car shaded, and having an evening environment without pesky insects.

They are each custom-built to your specifications, fitting perfectly to seal your opening. They are installed using your chosen color of housing, where your screen rolls snuggly in to, on the outside of your garage or storage doorway. The screen is firmly in place because of the side rails, mounted on both sides of your opening, holding the screen while it rolls up and down smoothly. The cross bar, or the bar that holds the bottom of the screen, is thick and wide for durability. Reinforced nylon keder is used in the corners to further increase the strength and endurance of your garage screen. At the bottom of the screen, underneath the cross bar, piling meets the ground to adequately cover the bottom where the cross bar meets the ground when it is in use.

The garage door screens are available in manual or motorized operation. The manual operation is spring-loaded for up and down movement by hand without any hand crank. The motorized option can be controlled with hand-held remotes, wireless wall switches, sun sensors, wind sensors, or both wind and sun sensors. The maximum size Panorama™ spans is 20 feet wide and 11 feet tall. Panorama™ garage door screens come with a limited lifetime warranty.

The garage door screens are sold through your local dealer who sell, install, and service the screen. The approximate turnaround time from your dealer placing the order to the dealer receiving your screen is just 3 weeks.

The housing and rails for the Panorama™ system are made from powder-coated aluminum, colored by your choice from our standard four colors (as shown in the thumbnails). Custom color options are also available. Screens available include a heavy-duty polyester mesh, solar, bug protection, and clear vinyl. The solar screen options are available in six different colors (as shown in the thumbnails).

Product Options

Housing & Track Powder-Coated Colors

  • Brown

  • Desert Tan

  • Linen

  • White

Screen Fabric Colors

  • Beige

  • Black

  • Brown

  • Desert Sand

  • Grey

  • White

Screen Choices

  • Super Screen – Black and White only

    (Durable and long lasting. Resists deterioration, punctures and tears, and mildew.)

  • Noseeum – Black and White only

    (Extra-fine mesh provides protection from smaller insects called no-see-ums.)

  • 80% Solar – Any Color
  • 90% Solar – Any Color
  • Clear Vinyl

    (Clear view while preventing the elements from coming in.)

Motors, Controls

A variety of motors and controls are available including…

  • Handheld Remotes

  • Wireless Wall Switches

  • Sun Sensors

  • Wind & Sun Sensors

More Info

  • Powder Coated Aluminum? Yes
  • Manual (Spring Loaded)? Yes
  • Motorized? Yes


I couldn’t find anything else that would offer such a clear, open view. Every other product couldn't meet the span without creating a divider and hindering the view. I love them.
—Illona H.
Large Front Sunroom with Motorized Vinyl Panorama™ Shades
I’m inside all day long, so when I’m not at work I want to be outside!
—Bob C.
Four-sided Porch with Manual Screens