Restaurant Patio Enclosures

Retractable  Patio Solutions

It's Time To Go From A Busy Season To A Busy Year!

Every seat in your restaurant and entertainment venue is a valuable one, we know that. Providing your guests with a comfortable (and safe!) outdoor dining and entertainment experience is more important than ever. Expand your offering all-year-round with Stoett’s retractable outdoor space solutions; these include enclosures, screens, shades, vinyl curtains, doors, windows, glass railings, skylights, and roof systems. Our retractable outdoor patio systems integrate with one another to free up valuable floor space, increase property value, and provide an enjoyable open-air experience for your guests.

Define Your Patio System

Stoett's retractable patio enclosures are designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to bring the outside, in. We don’t compromise on quality, durability, or safety - we don’t think you should either. Our retractable patio systems integrate with one another to provide your guests with an unmatched experience enhanced by unobstructed views and protection from the elements. Choose from our selection of vertical wall solutions that can be customized to fit your space. Stoett is committed to building the best solution for your dining and entertainment venue while providing superior customer service throughout the process.

Panora Retractable Windows & Doors

Panora Retractable Window Cafe

Provide your guests with unobstructed views, better ventilation, and protection from the elements. Panora can retract upwards or downwards depending on your environment. Maximize your hospitality space and bring the outdoors in with our retractable windows and doors.

Kinetic Retractable Glass Railing

Kinetic Glass Railing

Enhance your space with retractable glass railings that are as functional as they are durable. With a simple touch you can extend the railing to create a glass wind barrier. Clear glass provides unobstructed views and protects from harsh weather conditions. Excellent for restaurants and commercial settings.

PanoramaUltra Retractable Screens & Curtains

PanoramaUltra Retractable Screens

Highest quality outdoor retractable screens customized to meet your needs. Help protect against harmful UV rays and insects. With several different screen options to choose from, you can enhance your large area screen with a dual system integrating screens and clear vinyl weather curtains.  Manual or motorized options available.

Want To Take Your Space To the Next Level?

Stoett's Retractable Roof Systems gives you the flexibility to bring the outside in while still protecting against harmful UV rays, insects, and inclement weather. The flexibility comes with customization to put your own stamp on your roof system. See below for the many different options!

Evolution Freestanding Retractable Enclosures

Evolution Freestanding Retractable Enclosures

Purpose-built and fully customizable to protect you and your guests from the elements.  Evolution Freestanding Retractable Enclosures can provide cover all year long if needed.  Manual or automatic, Freestanding Retractable Enclosures provide owners and guest with the freedom and privacy they need.

ClearSky Retractable Skylights

ClearSky Retractable Skylights

ClearSky, retractable vaulted skylights are designed for large span opening roof lights. Operation is generally motorized; (manual option is available) utilizing SecurTrak™ system for structural safety and ease of operation. With retractable skylights, your enclosed spaces are no longer limited to being indoors spaces only.

SolaGlide Retractable Skylights

SolaGlide Retractable Skylights

Engineered to provide enjoyment for you and your guests all-year-round.  SolaGlide Retractable Skylights are motorized for ease of opening.  Quickly transform your indoors outwards and let the subtle breeze incapsulate your guest.  Easily close your skylights with the click of a button.