Manual Retractable Screens

Stoett manual retractable screens are the perfect compliment to your sunroom, pergola or patio cover. The retractable design means you can have the best of both worlds. During use, you’ll experience the ultimate comfort and convenience of having privacy and protection from the sun and insects. When retracted, the screen is safely stored in its housing so you can enjoy fully unobstructed views and walkways.

Manually operated versions come standard with Stoett’s exclusive spring assist technology for effortless pull-down and retraction. You’ll feel the quality in your hand whether operating from the interior of your home or outside. There are several unique advantages of this technology:

  • It’s rare to find a large-area screen or shade that is so easily retractable. Our PanoramaUltra product line can be custom fit to opening up to 13′ high x 24′ wide!
  • PanoramaUltra is easily operated with an elegant, ergonomic handle from both the outside and inside of your home.
  • Unlike systems that use cranks or chains, our hidden spring-assist recoil system is protected and out of sight.

When to Choose Manual Instead of Motorized

There is certainly a significant amount of savings with manual retractable screens compared to motorized. But, with Stoett’s uniquely engineered large-area screens and shades you won’t sacrifice quality, fit and finish. To see a price comparison, please complete our Get a Quote form and one of our professional dealers will be in touch.

This may seem obvious but manually operated screens and shades do not require electricity. This not only simplifies and reduces the cost of installation but it also enables you to easily open or close the units from both the inside and outside of your home without the need for remotes or access to switches. Simply come and go as you wish without remembering where you put the remote!