Retractable Roof Project #3185

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Retractable Roof Project #3185 Retractable Roof Project #3185: A blazing summer sun drifts lazily across Abu Dhabi’s horizon. Its stare forces a stifling forty to fifty degrees on the Alhan restaurant patio. This space forms over half the restaurants total footage and due to the solar curtain has become near unusable. Furthermore, Libart with the assistance of steel designer and […]

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SolaGlide Retractable Skylight Roof

All ProductsSolaGlide Retractable RoofGet a QuoteEveryone Has A Window SeatHave you ever noticed how everyone gravitates to window seating? A SolaGlide retractable roof lets in the natural sunlight when closed and creates a fresh, outdoor experience when open.And, who wants to be inside on a sunny day? You can fully capitalize on all of your available seating with Libart SolaGlide. […]

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Interior View of Restaurant Hotel Indigo Rochester Minnesota-Retractable Windows and Skylights

Retractable Windows and Skylights

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Retractable Windows and Skylights at Hotel Indigo Rochester Adding retractable windows and skylights to a restaurant in Minnesota is a game-changer. You don’t necessarily think of outdoor dining when imagining eating out in Minnesota.  So, when Hotel Indigo wanted to make their restaurant, Crave, stand out they went big. Panora Retractable Windows and ClearSky Retractable Skylights create the perfect indoor/outdoor […]

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ClearSky Retractable Skylights

All ProductsClearSky Retractable SkylightsGet a QuoteGo From A Busy Season To A Busy YearClearSky, retractable vaulted skylights are designed for large span opening roof lights. Operation is generally motorized; (manual option is available), utilizing the SecurTrak™ system for structural safety and ease of operation. With retractable skylights, your enclosed spaces are no longer limited to indoor spaces only; open them, […]

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ClearSky Retractable Vaulted Skylight

ClearSky Retractable Vaulted Skylight – Kimpton Gray Hotel

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Clearsky Retractable Vaulted Skylight Thanks to the ClearSky Retractable Vaulted Skylight, the restaurant that sits on the rooftop of the Kimpton Gray Hotel possesses an open-air dining feel even in the snowiest Chicago winter. Boleo brings a splash of authentic South American cuisine while showcasing a breathtaking retractable glass vaulted skylight. Boleo operates inside a 4,000-square-foot space and has a […]

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ClearSky Retractable Skylight

ClearSky Retractable Skylight – Donerci Ali Usta

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Adding a ClearSky Retractable Skylight to your restaurant provides a unique dining experience for your customers and maximizes the use of your space all year. Donerci Ali Usta restaurant lies in the Maltepe area in Istanbul. They have collaborated with Libart Technologies to build a comfortable enclosed patio using the ClearSky Retractable Skylight. The patio shelter has three sections that […]

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AquaSun Retractable Pool Enclosure – Bolu Pool

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WEATHERPROOF YOUR PLANS With an AquaSun Retractable Pool Enclosure, you can enjoy your pool year-round, even in the rain and snow. Whether you are a business owner or homeowner, a pool enclosure allows uninterrupted pool use and maximizes your return on investment. A private villa in Bolu city of Turkey is home to this AquaSun Retractable Pool Enclosure. The owner […]

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Retractable Pool Enclosure – Lagrangeville

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Retractable Pool Enclosure: Close the Roof, Not the Pool A retractable pool enclosure is a wise investment that allows for the daily use of your pool, even on the coldest days. This enclosure features 10-millimeter transparent polycarbonate glazing that creates an excellent indoor environment with the feel of outdoor freedom. Additionally, it blocks harmful UV rays while allowing and trapping […]

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Oncu Wedding Hall: Retractable Enclosure

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Oncu Wedding Hall How do you guarantee outdoor events, months in advance? The Oncu Wedding Hall large outdoor areas are fantastic prime real estate for a sporting event, family gatherings such as weddings and commercial venues. However, they are at the mercy of weather and temperatures. Libart retractable venue structures are for just such an occasion. Not only do they […]

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SolaGlide Retractable Skylights

Retractable Skylights Offer the Best of Both Worlds

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Retractable Skylights ensure you can protect your customers during inclement weather but still offer an outdoor dining feel when possible. Having an outdoor dining option is always a draw for customers.  Your floor space is valuable though, deciding to use that space for outdoor dining that can only be used during ideal weather is a risk. Installing SolaGlide offers the […]

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Retractable Skylights

Retractable Skylights at Bristol Hotel Amman

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Retractable skylights create versatility in your space. Being able to offer your guests natural light and an open-air roof creates a lasting impression. The hospitality industry is competitive. Offering your guest unique experiences and comfortable environments make people want to come to stay with you again. Bristol Amman Hotel in Jordan added SolaGlide retractable skylights to the Luna Terras of […]

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