Skylight Project #4707

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Skylight Project #4707 Skylight Project #4707 is located on the Turkish shore of the Mediterranean Sea on the outskirts of the city of Antalya.  It sits as a gem of a hotel and beach resort known as the Titanic De Luxe.Â.  This incredible family-friendly hotel takes its name seriously. The carpark entrance mimics the grand balustrade of a great ship’s […]

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Stoett | retractable pool enclosure

Tusan Hotel #4713

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Tusan Hotel #4713 Our designers and engineers have shown again this elegant new pool cover in Aydin, Turkey. This 4 bay telescopic enclosure retracts completely to its attached building. This leaves a beautiful fresh air environment for swimming and sunbathing. The hotel owners requested a special design onto their pool enclosure for maximum retractability. A garage-like wall that can be pulled up […]

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Stoett | Indoor Outdoor Enclosure | retractable pool enclosure

Pool Enclosure Project #3935

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Libart’s Freestanding – attached retractable pool enclosure solutions are becoming more common. Incorporating two side sliding doors (D7) on opposite sides of module 3. Four screened windows. R2 retraction with 4 modules and 4 bays. Only one gable end (other end wall connected to the house). Top of the retractable pool enclosure is glazed in 10mm twin-wall PC, both sides […]

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Stoett | Indoor Outdoor Enclosure | freestanding pool cover 146

Gerber Retractable Structure #4388

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Gerber Retractable Structure #4388 Gerber Retractable Structure #4388: This freestanding telescopic pool enclosure in California was a great decision on the homeowner’s part, it allows him year-round use of his pool through harsh winters and even more stifling summers. On those hot days people can become lethargic and even if you want to cool; if your pool has become a […]

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Rockton Retractable Structure #4393

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Rockton Retractable Structure #4393 Rockton Retractable Structure #4393.  This freestanding pool enclosure in Rockton, Ontario was built for a private residence located on a zoo. The retracting pool building keeps out dust dirt and rain and secures the pool area for use year-round from wild animals and wild weather. The Securetrak rail system firmly fixes the retracting pool enclosure to the […]

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Pool Enclosure Project #4601

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Pool Enclosure Project #4601 Pool Enclosure Project #4601: Freestanding V design, 7 modules – 21 bays, manually operable in less than 10 minutes.  Top glazing 16X mm Solar Control PC, end-wall and sidewalls are covered with the 4mm Solid by PC material. The pool enclosures structural system is made of aluminum, and all other hardware are made of stainless material. […]

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Skylight Project #1711

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Skylight Project #1711 Skylight Project #1711:This amazing historical structure in Tarsus city in Mersin was estimated to be built by the Seljuk Turks sometime in 1557 during its recent restoration they discovered a mosaic thought to be dated back to Grecian times. It was part of this restoration process that involved Libart stepping in, designing a fully retractable skylight over […]

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