Patio Screen & Clear Vinyl Screens

Let’s compare and contrast patio screen and clear vinyl. Patio screens and shades offer two levels of functionality. The first is simply protection from insects. These types of patio mesh screens typically have a mesh size that prevents insects from making their way indoors while also allowing for a nice breeze. The second level of functionality is shade. These patio shades are typically made of a colored fabric to offer both solar and insect protection. However, neither patio mesh nor shades are capable of protecting your indoor/outdoor space from rain, snow, sleet, dirt or fine debris.

Clear vinyl offers a barrier of protection unmatched by mesh or shades. Unlike many clear vinyl curtains on the market, Stoett’s Panorama Clear Vinyl design also keeps the vinyl curtain inside the tracks when in the down position. This provides the ultimate in weather protection and product integrity under harsh conditions. You’ll also notice a remarkable difference in heat retention with clear vinyl compared to screens or strictly shades. So, no need to fret about your patio furniture, cushions, and patio items when weather comes in. Simply close the vinyl curtains and you’re all set.


Maximize your space with Stoett's dual screen combination. Our dual screen will allow you to combine your clear vinyl with a screen. Enhance your air flow while keeping insects out with our screen. Protect against harsh weather with our clear vinyl curtains.  

Patio screen mesh could otherwise be referred to as “insect screen.” It’s typically constructed of woven strands of material and specified by “mesh size.” Standard mesh has 18 strands per inch in one direction x 16 strands per inch in the other. A heavier strand size is used for 18 x 14 mesh so that it holds up better when stretched over large areas. There is also a “no-see-um” option, which Stoett offers as requested, for areas of the world where tiny bugs are a problem. This is a 20 x 20 mesh screen.