Patio Screen Mesh

Stoett uses a high durability mesh constructed of a PVC coated polyester fabric. Unlike other screens on the market that use fiberglass mesh,

Stoett’s screens are much stronger and won’t deteriorate from UV exposure. Stoett also offers a white or black heavy duty option designed strictly for insect protection. It’s 200% stronger and lasts three times longer than fiberglass because it resists deterioration, punctures, tears and mildew. This “Super Screen” also allows more breeze than shades.

Understanding Patio Screen Mesh Sizes

Patio screen mesh could otherwise be referred to as “insect screen.” It’s typically constructed of woven strands of material and specified by “mesh size.” Standard mesh has 18 strands per inch in one direction x 16 strands per inch in the other. A heavier strand size is used for 18 x 14 mesh so that it holds up better when stretched over large areas. There is also a “no-see-um” option, which Stoett offers as requested, for areas of the world where tiny bugs are a problem. This is a 20 x 20 mesh screen.

If solar control is desired, the material becomes more like a fabric. You can learn about Stoett’s solar patio shades here.