Nautilus Shower Door

Nautilus Shower Door Shower Screen Stripes Bone Frame ColorOur Nautilus retractable shower screen is the perfect solution to those slimy and moldy shower curtains that are next to impossible to get clean. It also eliminates the need to spend hours scrubbing soap scum off of glass doors.  The Nautilus installs in minutes and can be used in virtually any existing tub or shower. Strong and durable, the Nautilus retractable shower screen will compliment any décor while providing easy access in and out of the bathing area.  With a 1 year limited warranty to back it up, the mildew and mold free Nautilus Shower Door is a healthier option to those heavy doors and sticky curtains. Order yours today! There is a two week production time for all Nautilus shower doors.

PLEASE NOTE: Square housing will not fit on openings with rounded lower corners.


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Stay bug-free with the most rugged retractable screen in the industry.
The lightweight retractable shower door that installs in 5 minutes.