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Condon Condon family living in Australia had been wanting for years to have a usable pool during the colder months. As the winter season is not productive for their business of farming. They were looking for a solution that can give them an outdoor pool that also safes them from harsh winter. They can enjoy their time. They did their […]

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Dogal Koleji

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Dogal Koleji Dogal Koleji: Educational institutions are praised by the quality of education and the extracurricular activities they offer to their students. Among many of the activities, the one which is of dire importance is the swimming classes which remain their student intact with fine health and potential productivity. Furthermore, Dogal Koleji is a famous name among many of the […]

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House Hyupjae

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House Hyupjae House Hyupjae: Jeju Island is the luxurious tourist destination in South Korea and often referred to as the Hawaii of South Korea. Millions of visitors came to this island every year. Hotels, restaurants, and many other hospitality establishments are operating for decades. Furthermore, more are surfacing every year to be at the service of travelers. Recent years also […]

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St. John’s Hotel

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St. John’s Hotel St. John’s Hotel is located along Gangmun beach in Gangneung, South Korea. It is a newly opened multi-cultural space. January 2018 marked as the official opening of this hotel. It houses over 1000 guest rooms and suites, banquet facilities and restaurants. As well as a seasonal infinity pool. The above definition was correct explaining the offerings at […]

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Levent pool enclosure

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Levent Pool Enclosure Levent Pool Enclosure: A pool is a really nice thing to have for a house, isn’t it? However, is it really convenient to be able to use it only in summer, or only in good weather? Probably not. The motto of Libart, “motion in architecture” serves exactly this purpose; to remove any inconvenience that static architecture might […]

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Retractable Pool Enclosure Project

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Retractable Pool Enclosure Project This pool features the Stoett retractable pool enclosure project by Libart. A pool that you can use all year long and expand your business season is possible with Libart. No longer do you need an indoor and outdoor pool. Having two pools is costly considering building and maintenance costs. Furthermore, With LIBART retractable enclosures you also […]

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Pool Enclosure Project #2375

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Pool Enclosure Project #2375 Pool Enclosure Project #2375: This coastal Maine home utilizes a retractable pool enclosure to gain the best of both worlds There’s not much of a claim to fame for Sebascodegan Island, Maine, a small island north of Portland in the Casco Bay. Considered a part of Harpswell township, a tiny quiet town of 4500 people, the […]

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Stoett | Indoor Outdoor Enclosure | Palo Alto Pool - 2

Indoor Pool Project

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Indoor Pool Project Indoor Pool Project: As real estate has been snatched up in the booming Silicon Valley, homes have gotten intimately close. Alan is a homeowner and family guy living in Palo Alto, Californa. He felt it was time to do something about it when he found himself in his own living room while simultaneously (and quite literally) within […]

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Pool Enclosure Project

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Pool Enclosure Project Pool Enclosure Project: Tucked into the trees a primordial forest situated on the north-eastern edge of the sprawling city of Istanbul, the townhouse complex known as Antorman is a masterful formation of merging dichotomies.  It’s the middle ground between the pride of owning a home and the freedom of renting one.   The complex boasts scenery featuring every […]

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