Retractable Screens

Retractable Screens On Front Porch

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We generally see our PanoramaUltra retractable screens on our customers’ back patio, deck, or sunroom. Needless to say, we were pretty excited to find out that not only were our high-quality retractable screens being used by the Woods family ( but being used on the front of their house. We know that our screens are pretty enough feature out front; […]

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Stoett PanoramaUltra Vinyl Curtain

PanoramaUltra Vinyl Retractable Screens

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PanoramaUltra Vinyl Retractable Screens PanoramaUltra vinyl retractable screens protect from harsh weather occurrences such as rain, cold, pollen, and debris from the wind. The vinyl screens supply ease of use while providing a desirable and upgraded look. The PanoramaUltra vinyl retractable screens enhance your outdoor experience by maintaining a sturdy and smooth operation with a good seal. In addition to […]

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Stoett | Wide Format Retractable Screens | City Barbeque

City Barbeque: Retractable Screens for their Barbeque Paradise

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City Barbeque: Retractable Screens for Barbeque Paradise The next time you’re in Cincinnati, be sure to stop at the City Barbeque on Eastgate. But don’t ask about their award-winning barbeque sauce, because they won’t give away their secret recipe. No way! However, ask them about the retractable screens they had installed in their restaurant, and they’re likely to spill the […]

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Stoett | Passive New York Home | Residential

Passive New York House with Retractable Screens

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Passive New York House IThe home was built around this concept, originating in Germany in the 1990s. The 1960 split level was no easy renovation to turn into a Passive House. The project took 18 months. However, homeowner, Veronique Lablanc, wanted to be sure the home would match the elegance and charm of the location itself. She worked with Andreas […]

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Stoett | Belize Beach House Retractable Garage Screens

Retractable Garage Screens on Belize Beach House

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Eco-Friendly Brazilian beach house? Yes, please. There are no plush amenities, no traditional energy sources, and no running water. But, there is a focus on energy consciousness that is a trend that is here to stay. Stoett Industries is proud the builders have decided to use the PanoramaUltra retractable garage screens in such a forward-thinking and eco-friendly space. Six large […]

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