360 Restaurant Izmir


360 Restaurant Izmir

The 360 Restuarant Izmir utilizes panoramic vertical retracting windows. These Panora windows have changed the game for the restaurant owners. The revenue had a drastic increase as the place is full with customers all the time. Panoramic views of the city from the Hilton 360 Restaurant Izmir is the new talk of the town.

Furthermore, Panoramic windows with large span and no horizontal profiles gives the user a dream with unobstructed views.

Panoramic Windows

Panora uses vertical retraction to move glass panels up and down. For glass wall and glass door applications, the panels open in the up position permitting passage underneath. For window walls, Panora opens by consolidating panels in the down position, creating a built-in balustrade. In either case, Panora creates an opening of 66% to 75% of the rough opening (depending on number of panels used). This equates to 100% of the truly useable space.

Integration Options

Panora is a versatile product. Moreover, Anywhere you can imagine a glass wall, you may also imagine the advantages of an operable or retractable wall. Windows are commonplace. But retractable windows are distinct. Above all, Standard doors open and close without a glance but a retractable glass door will “raise” the eyebrows.

360 Restaurant Izmir
Hilton Hotels
Izmir / Turkey
Vertical Retracting Door & Window 

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