Al-Mudhafar School Iraq


Retractable Glass Roof System for Schools

Al-Mudhafar School Iraq: Educational or recreational spaces with open-air environments have a larger impact on achieving the goal of learning and productivity. This has been proved by several pieces of research that have been done in this domain for the last decades. One of the most important factors is to make available of the atmosphere in the vicinity that is lively, joyful and pleasant. This can only be achieved by allowing the natural light to enter the space in abundance along with the fresh air.

Is this mean the educational Institute should operate without Roof?
The answer is Yes. No Roof

What if the weather is bad? Too cold, or too much rain?
Push a button and close the Roof.

Is it that simple?
With Libart Retractable Glass Roof System it is!

Retractable Glass Roof System

Additionally, this project of Libart which was completed in the Al-Mudhafar School Iraq was the projection of the owners’ approach towards increasing the learning capacity of the students. The basic aim is to constitute a vigorous atmosphere within the school building. Also to improve the productivity of students along with the teachers. Whereas good health is also considered when there are natural light and fresh air. Moreover, Exploring the options to replicate the idea into reality. They approach Libart for the solution. This kind of project was not new to Libart. As we have done the same projects for different commercial spaces. We have also done a school project in Doha, Qatar. (Tarek Ibn-e-Ziad School)
We suggested to them Clearsky System specifically the E7B model which is retractable glass roof systems for schools that will integrate with the architecture and construction design of the building. The deal was stamped. It was executed within no time satisfying the clients at most and becoming the first of its kind in Iraq.

Furthermore, the structure has 6 bays and 5 modules with motorized R2 Retraction along with 2 sidewalls and 2 sliding windows included.

Al-Mudhafar School Iraq
Najaf / Iraq
Shopping Malls & Retail
Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
Span: 7m | L: 11.8 m
6mm Blue Helio Temperable + 16mm + 55.2 Lowe: Laminated Glass

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