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American Junkie

American Junkie: Architects are designing sensational night clubs and restaurants to improvise the interest for Chicago’s young and hip professional. The important thing to consider is WOW factor. American Junkie Restaurant and Night club operating on the theme of “paying tribute to all the Americans” have an open-air dance floor. The 30ft. X 30ft. Retractable roof allows to celebrates the American and Chicago’s nightlife. It includes the wonderful experience overlooking the incredible views of the Skyline on their dance floor.

Moreover, the weather of Chicago is known for Windy’s city and shifting lake effect. This makes the design of the terrain for an open-air dance floor tricky. On the other hand, the client’s ideas and demands have to be thought of which enhances the challenge. The retractable glass roof material would be crystal clear as the sight should not hinder when the rooftop enclosure is closed. As to beef up with this challenges, Libart used the one-inch thick glass instead of polycarbonate glass. However, the weight of the glass is much more than polycarbonate but for this project. It satisfies the desire of crystal clear view.

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Additionally, the color of the frames was painted accordingly to suit the American Junkie decor. This was another feature of Libart. Offering customized paint options. Wall mounted electronic operating system was installed to open and close the entire structure with the push of a button to make it simple and handy as to leverage the busy staff of night club. The project was completed in the stipulated time period of one year which was good for large scale commercial projects like this size of Retractable glass roof skylights.

Furthermore, the custom designs of retractable structures is a the helm of Libart where we research, design, innovate, manufacture and install the retractable system to satisfy the needs of the clients. Every piece of the puzzle precisely creates a beneficial and impressive product. The project was lively and skittish but the team at Libart was successful in achieving the perfection which was loved by the patrons of American Junkie.

Libart hosted a retractable rooftop party at American Junkie: Check out the link

American Junkie
American Junkie
Chicago , Illinois, USA
Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
10.9m x 9.4m (36' x 31')
5mm (6mmT + 10mm air gap + (4+4) laminated) Glass

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