Brasserie Polenez Vadi Istanbul


Brasserie Polenez Vadi Istanbul

Brasserie Polenez Vadi Istanbul is famous for its locality and urban infrastructure that is seamlessly integrated with nature. Surrounding with trees and river on one side. The project not just has residential buildings but also possess shopping malls and business avenues ranging from cafes to hotels. The Brasserie Polonez Restaurant located in the Vadi Istanbul is the finest concept-based restaurant project of GVDS. The 170-seat restaurant has diverse seating options with the outdoor seating area that is modified on the concept of indoor comfort and outdoor freedom. GVDS who worked with Libart before on the project of Water garden Istanbul, once again chose Libart Retractable glass roof system as to attain the modern design not losing the essence of connectivity with nature.

Glass Retractable Slylight

Glass Retractable Skylight was designed from Libart to fulfill the architectural concept need. Working together with the architectural firm of GVDS we completely take care of their needs. Understanding the technical details and improving the models as per the compatibility of the existing building and the retractable structure.Two systems were used in the project and both of them have the opening of 75% to attain the maximum opening for a desirable environment. The client recognized the systems with the words that “What’s good than Libart retracting roof system for our expensive location. We now have a special place in the memories of the people who are visiting Vadi Istanbul”.

Our retractable systems have the basic concept i.e. Motion in architecture. We create motion, the motion to achieve freedom, the motion to feel comfort, to experience the luxury and inventing the experience of uniqueness. Every project is exclusive for us; a new challenge and an opportunity to maximize our experience of decades. The creativity at the team of Libart is unmatchable; proving themselves with the project like this one.

Brasserie Polenez Vadi Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey
Restaurant & Cafe
Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
2 Systems | (1st) W:18.3m S:8.9m (2nd) W:3.7m S:8.9m
6mm Solar LowE 50/33 temper + 14mmhb + 4.2m

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