Bristol Hotel Amman


The players of the hospitality industry who aim for a long-term business should care about their customers giving the ultimate experience from their services. Among the hospitality industry those hotels which consider this fact always looking for the new additions at their facility to make their visitors delight so that they will be remembered in good memories of their clients.

Bristol Amman Hotel in Jordan; fulfilling the true meaning of their tagline “A stay in Luxury” by welcoming their clients under the retractable skylight. The Luna Terras of the hotel is a perfect place for visitors to enjoy all the seasons at their convenience.

What Bristol Hotel write on their website about the Libart retractable glass system “The biggest Skylight in Amman will be available for your pleasure; whether planning your amazing wedding by the pool-side or having a fabulous dinner at the Luna Terras, you can have it all at any time of the year, whether it’s Winter or Summer, we will create the season you desire”

We at Libart always thrive to work with our customers in a way that integrates the ideas and visions from both sides and executes it in a way that happens to be the best.

Bristol Hotel Amman
Bristol Hotel Amman
Amman / Jordan
Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
23m x 11m / 25m x 11m / 3m x 10m
6mm + 12mm + (4+4)mm IG

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