Brunch Bakery

One well-designed solution can mean a lot for a business. Cost-efficiency and flexibility plays a big role for any business’ performance. It is known that the first thing a restaurant should ask upon its establishment is to ask the question, “how can I increase my customer loyalty?”. This may sound simple, but it requires intelligence, practicality, and awareness. Increasing the count of loyal customers is directly related to the level of comfort a customer experiences in a space. When simply put, a customer consciously and subconsciously observes his or her feelings throughout the time spent in there. These observations create a huge impact on the decision of whether to go there again or not.

Libart’s windbreaking system serves the purpose of increasing this comfort level for all the customers at this Brunch Bakery. Its each feature is thought meticulously to help businesses achieve a nice outdoor seating area that is also comfortable and adaptable. The Panora Wind-break Systems in this project are now floor mounted. This gives the chance to move the boundaries of the place when needed. Additionally, it also not creates harm on the solid surface finishing on the floor.

Everybody likes to see some greenery when they go out! This system comes with a flowerpot attached to it. It makes the patio also visually appealing and helps enterprises bring a little landscape to their venues.

Eating at a restaurant should feel like a simple yet enjoyable activity to do for a customer. The ability to answer any wish a customer could ask for, is golden for restaurants. Thanks to Panora Wind-break Systems Brunch Bakery now brought the flexibility of motion to their patio and now have the ability to answer those wishes!

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Brunch Bakery
Istanbul, Turkey
Restaurant & Cafe
Retractable Structures 

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