California Villa Project


With Libart products the house owners at California now have the opportunity to use their pool year-round. They bought the property with the intent of turning it into his family’s own little tropical oasis. Their vision included a pool house complete with custom pool, lots of natural light and of course the ability to swim year-round. The typical Northern California swim season is 4-5 months, so having a year-round option would give maximum value for your money which you have invested on pool.

Libart’s lean-to structure that blended with the style of the pool house, and went with the trackless (Tele glide) option for a cleaner look and featuring big windows for added comfort. Because the solar heat gain from the polycarbonate material (which makes up the roof of the structure) can make this Tropical Oasis, well, tropical, the ventilation offered by opening up the Lean-To Retractable Enclosure is an added bonus.

California Villa Project
Palo Alto , CA, US
Private Villas
Retractable Structures 
7.7m x 17.0m ( 25’ x 56’ )
10 mm translucent polycarbonate roof panels

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