Chilai Bebek


Chilai Bebek

The Chilai Bebek utilizes an amazing implementation of Stoett’s Clearsky Skylights. This three story restaurant in Istanbul now features an extending skylight on its rooftop. This opening roof allows greater revenue during summer seasons. Furthermore, It allows the whole skylight to retract allowing in the warm air.In addition to this, the retracting skylight allows the roof area to convert into a smoking room. This attracts a wider variety of consumers.

Clearsky Retractable Skylights

One of Stoett’s star products is the Clearsky Retractable Skylights. This product is amazingly made for any outdoor restaurants or commercial space. Furthermore, It gives you the view you want and safety all while being a quality product you can depend on. ClearSky retractable skylights are for large span opening roof lights. Additionally, the operation is generally motorized; (manual option is available) utilizing SecurTrak™ system for structural safety and ease of operation. Subsequently with retractable skylights, your shut off spaces are no longer limits to being indoors spaces only, open it and there is nothing left between you and the blue sky. ClearSky retractable skylights site specific user needs from 8 base models.

In conclusion, you have the best of both worlds with retractable skylights. Similarly to Chai Bebek, our outdoor dining works for you through every season. It’s time to go from a busy season to a busy year with Sotett’s retracting skylights.

Chilai Bebek
Chilai Bebek
Istanbul, TR
Restaurant & Cafe
Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
6.6m x 10.4m (21' x 34')

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