Dark Hill Hotel


The view from the restaurant is the most important thing for a visitor to choose among thousands of food entities. Research shows that when the customer, tourist or the one who is planning to dine out at a restaurant. He or she first think about the place with a better view, then food and the ambiance.

The restaurant at the top of the hill always has expensive food because he is paying a bigger amount of rent for the place just because the view of the landscape, sea or ocean from the restaurant is astonishing. That is why the owners must also think about the windows as they are the source of the views. It should be big enough with no hindrances that it provides an unobstructed view to the customer. Considering the research and the desire of owners to give their customers a better view and royal experience Libart invented Panoramic vertical retracting guillotine windows. Read more to know how Dark hill restaurant benefited with these vertical retracting windows.

Dark Hill Hotel
Dark Hill Hotel
Istanbul , TR
Vertical Retracting Door & Window 
4.5m x 3.1m (14' x 10' )
6mm Tempered Sunenergy + 6mm Tempered Clear laminated glass

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