Divan Cafe Bebek


Divan Cafe Bebek

Divan Cafe Bebek is a legend in Turkey for its food and hospitality. Subsequently, Divan wanted to take advantage of this spectacular location by fully exposing its customers to the Mediterranean sun. At the same time it wanted to protect them from the wind, rain, and storms of the Bosporus. It also wanted to do this while maintaining the natural light inside. Libart is proud to have been part of this spectacular project, creating a 3 section roof over the café area that pulls back allowing the aforementioned light in.

SolaGlide Retractable Roof

Have you ever noticed how everyone gravitates to window seating? A SolaGlide retractable roof lets in the natural sunlight when closed and creates a fresh, outdoor experience when open.And, who wants to be inside on a sunny day? You can fully capitalize on all of your available seating with Libart SolaGlide. Furthermore, that means revenue-producing seating, no matter the weather. Choose SolaGlide for indoor comfort and outdoor freedom. SolaGlide functions as a retractable skylight but can form the entire roof area. So, either term is perfectly appropriate.
SolaGlide is a versatile choice for your project and is ideal for restaurants, patios, and commercial and residential pool areas. Smooth and quiet, the motorized operation ensures that your guests only notice the outdoor experience you have brought to their indoor space.
Divan Cafe Bebek
Divan Cafe Bebek
Istanbul, TR
Restaurant & Cafe
Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
6.6m x 16.3m (21' x 53')

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