Dogal Koleji


Dogal Koleji

Dogal Koleji: Educational institutions are praised by the quality of education and the extracurricular activities they offer to their students. Among many of the activities, the one which is of dire importance is the swimming classes which remain their student intact with fine health and potential productivity.

Furthermore, Dogal Koleji is a famous name among many of the Istanbul esteemed high schools. High-quality education with attention to sports has always their priority. They have their own outdoor swimming pool in the vicinity that is used by students on a daily basis. However, the issue they were facing was the cold weather that unfortunately force them to close it in winter season.

Libart solution of retractable pool enclosure solved their problem. The outdoor pool now has the feature of Indoor pool allowing the students to practice and enjoy even in winter seasons.

Aquasun Retractable Pool Enclosure

Additionally, AquaSun Retractable Pool Enclosures provides a 24/7/365 pool experience. AquaSun can open or close at a moment’s notice when inclement weather conditions occur. Extend your pool season and lower the cost of cleaning and heating your pool. Cost-effective, Increased ROI, and Easy to Own, the AquaSun pool enclosure has several benefits. Your outdoor pool can now be used year-round. Enjoy your pool any day of the year! The retractable feature allows you to enjoy the open sky and fresh air in the summer and create a warm, cozy environment when harsh weather comes in the winter. Inconsistent weather in Spring and Fall is no problem.

Dogal Koleji
Aquatic, Health & Sport
Retractable Structures 
9m x 15.8m (29' x 51')
4mm clear and 10mm twin-wall opal glazing

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