Endulus Park Shopping Mall


Endulus Park Shopping Mall

The Endulus park shopping mall incorporates the utilization of the ClearSky Retractable Roof. It is a fact that the large spaces which are hotels, conference centers or shopping centers are infamous for their energy-efficient design, but it doesn’t have to be that way. For instance, we at Libart working under the motto of “indoor comfort, outdoor freedom” and considering the motto that fulfill, the new concept of outdoor architecture, the company have designed an innovative retractable ceiling system.

In addition, the amazing one of a kind ClearSky retractable glass roof systems support the architects to create the environment for large spaces that have the feature of energy conservation by allowing the natural light and circulation during the good weather and shutting out the harsh weather – essentially converting the complex into an outdoor space at the touch of a button. The flexible architecture systems transform the personality of large shopping malls and retail complexes. Glass roof systems that are bringing natural elements into virtually any space, or as per the client’s demand.

ClearSky Retractable Roof

The Endulus park mall is using the slogan of “Welcome to Endulus park, where the open-top, natural social living area and elite brands come together”. This slogan is proud of Libart as we became the reasons for which the client is attracting customers. Above all, when the client came to Libart they just want something new that makes them different from others; that makes them lively. Libart offered the solution of Clearsky retractable skylights that will be the perfect match for their desire. A total of ten systems were installed. In conclusion, this covers the complete roof of the shopping mall. It also covers one center fix glass roof which you can see below in the picture.

Endulus Park Shopping Mall
Bursa / Turkey
Shopping Malls & Retail
Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
Approximately 10x9m , 10 systems
6mm Tempered + 12mm air gap + (4+4)mm Laminated insulated glass

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