Fogelsville Pool #4455



Fogelsville Pool #4455.  This residential pool enclosure has become a great attraction for the owner’s friends and family. The great atmosphere created by the telescopic cover allows the pool area to stay warm during the winter months.

The pool enclosures’ special window panels trap in heat allowing a party with 4 inches of snow and a wintry gale with no discomfort. The adaptability of Libart engineers shone through when they discovered a problem with the concrete preparation and they provided a solution that is not only functional but unnoticeable.


4 Windows with Screens, 2 Swing Doors. The roof is Clear and the sides are translucent. Beautiful Sandstone profile.


Dear Mr. Comu and all Libart employees,

“We are writing to you in February as we recline on our chaise lounges and soak in the sunshine in our new Libart pool enclosure. The outdoor temperature is 23 degrees F. Inside, we are enjoying a comfortable air temperature of 73 degrees F without heating the air. Our pool temperature of 89 degrees F is mostly maintained by our heat pump which utilizes the warm air in our snug Libart enclosure. One of our “coolest” experiences with our Libart enclosure to date was playing in our pool with 4″ of frozen snow clinging to the roof of the enclosure and a wintry gale blowing outside. There was not even a minor tremor from the professionally engineered and constructed superstructure of our Libart enclosure. Without exception, all first-time guests to our enclosed pool exclaim about how attractive the enclosure is as a structure. The Libart installation crew members were good-natured, friendly, and attentive to our specific needs. Our concrete prep turned out to have a problem and the Libart crew creatively provided a solution that is both unnoticeable and functionally sound. During the initial stages of the project when we were comparing products and had many questions, the Libart organization starting with the owner and all sales and specifications staff were prompt and facilitating in all of their responses. Our experience with Libart ranks in the top 5% of companies we have done business with over the 33 years of our marriage. One word of concern–our property is now a year-round magnet for our family and friends. However, we have succeeded in guarding precious alone time in our enclosure–some of our sweetest moments. Thank you to the Libart family of employees who has provided us with an enchanted space that we hope to enjoy for the rest of our lives.”

Fogelsville Pool #4455
Fogelsville Pool - Private Residence
Fogelsville, USA
Aquatic, Health & Sport
Retractable Structures
7m x 13m ( 23' x 43' )
16X mm Solar Control PC

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