Happy Grill Restaurant


Happy Grill Restaurant in Sofia – Bulgaria triples the window seats at its restaurant with the replacements of it’s from a solid single roof to a retractable glass roof from Libart. The solid roof was protecting the customers but it was prisoning them in the darkness except for few window seats. This left most of the tables in the dark, away from natural light, leaving the tables away from the side windows empty or last to be occupied. Installation of a retractable opening Glass roof not only brought in much needed light but in good weather provided outdoor patio environments with-in the restaurant.

With Libart solution that is a RRG system here; the café has an outdoor space with indoor comfort. Now the roof glazing is glass and customers no longer sit under dark areas, they enjoy the inner tables as well as the window side ones cause with Libart systems everyone has a window seating! No one wants to sit indoors in a sunny day, so that is why Happy Grill opens its roof and lets fresh air in with the heat of the sun, and when it’s rainy the system closes and covers over the customers protecting them from cold, this way happy grill has a year-long profit now.

Happy Grill Restaurant
Sofia , BG
Restaurant & Cafe
Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
3.2m x 28m
Reflective glass 6mm RT+14+(4+4)

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