Hasan Sayin Villa #1356



Libart retractable structures and retractable roofing invite you to enjoy your pool or patio at home, anytime, regardless of changing seasons or inclement weather.

What does Libart do? 

Designs and develop projects specific to each building site
Produces distinguished kinetic architecture with functionality
Offers complimenting products and accessories to enhance individual appearance and usage
Creates unique systems and designs utilizing the latest technologies and newest materials 

This Istanbul villa’s amazing green backyard was constantly marred by a dirty pool filled with dead leaves and grass that only used two to three months out of the year.

Libart has designed a telescopic lean-to retractable enclosure for the backyard of this home. The opening lean-to seals in heat and keeps out dirt and leaves. As a homeowner now you can get year-round use of your pool area with a lean-to pool enclosure.

Stoett Industries | AquaSun Retractable Pool Enclosure | Hasan Sayin Villa 1356

Hasan Sayin Villa #1356
Aquatic, Health & Sport
Retractable Structures
Manual R2 Total closed area 115 m2 Side Walls glazing  4mm Solar Grey compact PC Roof glazing 10 XL Solar Ice PC Frame colour RAL 1015 D2 Door 2 unit 7 x 22 m, 4 Modul 4 Bay 5 x 7 m,  Fix Roofing.

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