Jeju Island is the luxurious tourist destination in South Korea and often referred to as the Hawaii of South Korea. Millions of visitors came to this island every year. Hotels, restaurants, and many other hospitality establishments are operating for decades and more are surfacing every year to be at the service of travelers. Recent years also show the increase in residential projects on the Island. It is because of the island became the status for luxury lifestyle among the South Koreans.

This project of Libart at a residential apartment in Jeju Island is unique as it puts the motion in the architecture of the building. It all happens because the owners were keen to give an edge to their residential space among many in the neighborhood. Almost all of the residential apartments in the neighborhood have a swimming pool; some have indoor and some have outdoor. Indoor swimming pools are operational all around the year, but they lag the emotion and ultimate luxurious experience of an outdoor swimming pool. Outdoor swimming pools are loved by people, but the weather creates limitations to operational capability. It has to be closed in winter seasons or if the weather is not favorable such as rainy or windy.

House Hyupjae
Jeju Island / South Korea
Residential Complexes
Retractable Structures 
L: 10.6m | W: 2.9m | H: 4.4m
6mm CIT+16mm Air+ 5.5.2 - CL Laminated HT

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