Automatic guillotine windows installed at the KRN office redefined the vision of their company. With the vertical retracting windows the environment inside the office becomes cozy that ultimately increases the productivity of the team. These windows enhance the architectural design of the building as they look stylish and symbolize the modernism.
Termed as Panoramic windows, these glass horizontal windows are the best replacement for vertical sliding windows. Now the ARN office has the freedom to control the weather of their place on the touch of a button. Open to see the clear outside view and allow the fresh air to freshen up the mood and close to save yourself from the undesired weather. The best point to mention here is that the aluminum glass window of the Libart that retracts vertically saves the space and the innovative design hides all the operational equipment’s inside the frame. Equipped with thermally broken profiles and frames it allows excellent thermal insulation of 1.6Uw.
Libart experience of decades and best name in the industry for providing solutions that best fit the customers’ needs is demonstrated in this project. From idea to installation, the team at Libart works effortlessly to make the customer believe that panoramic windows are the best option and they believed once they sit in the office and look outside through the window. Libart designed products taking into consideration the feelings of the person who is looking through this window and we achieved that royal experience for our customers through the vertical retracting structures.

It was the obvious best choice as they say in their feedback after the project is completed. Scroll down to look for similar projects.

KRN Office
KRN Architectural Office
Istanbul, Turkey
Private Villas
Vertical Retracting Door & Window 
6mm Clear T. + 20 + 6mm Clear T.

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