Legal Sea Food


Legal Sea Food

Legal Sea Food: Planning a trip to Boston and exploring google for the best place to taste seafood with good views. You will surely be ending up at the seafood-goldmine that is legal harborside. The online presence of the restaurant is substantial. Yet, the physical presence is absolutely mammoth.

Covering 20k square foot area the building is raised to three floors. The first floor is the holy Vatican for the seafood lovers to enter and explore the old-school harborside fish market. Going up the second floor the environment changes. It provides the atmosphere suitable for the private parties or the business meetings. Yet the most amazing is always on top, which is the third-floor Rooftop lounge overlooking the Boston Harbor, is as responsible for Legal Harborside’s rave reviews as the food itself.


The deck of the rooftop is surrounded by folding glass doors and windows. It is topped by a 30’ by 60’ motorized skylight that enables the customer to have a panoramic view. Skylight that operates with a single touch introduce the outside freedom when opened. Inside comfort when closed; all depends on the weather status. It maximizes the comfort with luxury. The whole space is decked out in cushioned chairs and sofas with small bistro tables. It furthers the  extent of creating environment amd contentment. The skylight’s solar-control glazed patrons won’t feel like they are sitting in a greenhouse under summer sun.  Additionally, even when the glass walls and doors are closed.

Furthermore, Libart hosted a small get together party on the promenade deck following the 2012 ArchitectureBoston Expo (picture at right). 110 design and architecture professionals were there to experience this architectural gem while having their cocktail and noshing the fresh seafood in Legal Harborside’s party bar atmosphere.
Altogether, With music pumping and the roof lit with color-changing lights, the button is hit on the remote control to open the retractable skylight which in reaction received the sound of “ooh’s and ah’s” that totally served as the biggest stamp of appreciation from the audience.

The restaurant can also be found in the list of USA travel magazines for “best outdoor dining” and “best summer scene” titles repeatedly.

Legal Sea Food
Legal Sea Food
Boston , Massachusetts, USA
Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
60 x 30 ft
16mmX solar control PC glazing 30′ x 60′

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