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PanoraKinetic Retractable Glass Wind Barriers Enhance Residential Balconies, Patios, and Porches with Ease and Functionality

SMcCulloughs PanoraKinetic Retractable Wind Barriers

The McCullough Family wanted to create an outdoor environment that was family-friendly and provided unique, unobstructed views for their outdoor patio at their private lake house near Indianapolis, IN.  A competitive water skiing family, the McCulloughs host several water ski events on their property.  After doing extensive research for a balcony system that would help accomplish their goals, they came across Stoett industries – LibartUSA PanoraKinetic Retractable Glass Wind Barrier.  They have expressed how easy it is to find themselves spending most of their time on their new balcony.

For instance, with the ease of retracting their wind barrier system, they can efficiently enjoy their patio on those nice sunny days.  Should the weather turn on them, they can adjust their PanoraKinetic Wind Barrier at a moment’s notice.  In other words, Rain or shine, PanoraKinetic helps provide an enjoyable atmosphere; and is perfect for grilling as well.  The glass wind barriers allow for the smoke from the grill to dissipate without being confined in the enclosed space.  The durable glass structure helps make sure children and young adults are protected from the balcony. (Note*** – Before installing PanoraKinetic as a balcony wind barrier.  Please contact Stoett directly for recommended weight and pressure limits for PanoraKinetic).

PanoraKinetic Systems

Above all, what is unique about our PanoraKinetic systems are that they can combine with a multitude of product applications.  Combine your PanoraKinetic with our PergoFlex Retractable Roof System, SolaGlide Retractable Skylights, Clearsky Retractable Roof Enclosures, Evolution Freestanding Retractable Enclosures, Evolution Lean-To Retractable Enclosures, PanoramaUltra Retractable Screens, or PanoraView Retractable Windows & Doors.

Therefore, PanoraKinetic is a great application for commercial or residential patios.  Patrons can enjoy the great outdoors while limiting harsh weather conditions and providing panoramic views.  Subsequently, for more information on our PanoraKinetic Wind Barriers – please navigate to our PanoraKinetic page.   Here you can contact us for more information and capture more details on PanoraKinetic.

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