Welcome to the Menaggio. It is a must to determine and accentuate the most valuable assets in any architectural design project.

Imagine a romantic Italian landscape…a hotel nestled alongside a calm blue lake framed by rolling green hills. As patrons dine in the ground-floor restaurant, they gaze out over the clear view of the water watching the sun sparkle like the champagne in their glasses.

Additionally, to accomplish an unobstructed view was not difficult with our retractable glass wall systems.

The Hotel Bellavista, whose name is the equivalent of “beautiful view” is located in Menaggio and its beautiful view is definitely a valuable asset. The previous window and wall system was a dated, folding-sliding system. The old system was not adequate for climate control and required extra space for the folding glass panels when opened. Our customer was also unhappy with the unimpressive appearance of the previous system.

Panora Vertical Retractable Door System

Furthermore, the Panora Vertical Retractable Door System offers an easy, instant transition for the indoor space to unite with the outdoor space. And when inclement weather requires, the motorized system instantly separates the space back into indoor-outdoor while still providing unobstructed views.  The system retracts vertically to the top which means no unnecessary loss of space in the venue so seating can be maximized.

Panora Vertical Retractable Door Systems provide architectural solutions with a simple, yet elegant,  profile and enhanced insulation properties for easy climate control.

Venice, Italy
Restaurant & Cafe
Vertical Retracting Door & Window 
3750mm x 3270mm (h)
Insulated glass, 5 mm Cl. T + 10 mm Air Gap + 5 mm Cl. T

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