Retractable Windows in Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium


Having Panora retractable windows installed in Nippert Stadium was a game-changer, literally. Firstly,with thousands of spectators at every game, installing retractable windows means enjoying the game no matter the weather. Secondly, you must have heard the phrase “The game must go on,” and these words apply to the game of football.

Most importantly, the retractable window enclosure design relies on one theory-fan experience. The University of Cincinnati wants its fans to have a fantastic experience without worrying about the weather. The Panora retractable windows are the solution. However, one question remains; whether they can enjoy the same view from the enclosure with the closed windows in bad weather? The answer? Absolutely. Most importantly, views through Panora windows are entirely unobstructed.

Above all, the spectators’ experience of watching the game from the enclosures of Nippert Stadium is fantastic because of the total comfort the enclosures provide. Additionally, watching the game from these windows is similar to watching it on a large horizontal glass screen. In other words, horizontal large openings, vertical retraction, perfect insulation, excellent natural light, four season’s enjoyment, and these automatic guillotine windows have a sleek design that shapes the ideal game-day environment.

Watch this video to learn more about the Nippert Stadium retractable window project.

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Cincinnati Nippert Stadium
University of Cincinnati Nippert Stadium
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Aquatic, Health & Sport
Vertical Retracting Door & Window 
4m x 4m (4 units)
6mm Clear T. + 20 + 6mm Clear T.

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