PeraPark Residence


Penthouses are always expensive because of the captivating views from the top. So why not use it for its full capacity and enjoy every moment?
Perapark is a residential complex in Istanbul close to Bosphorus Sea. The penthouse of this building provides extravagant scene and to add flavor in the experience the owners came to Libart. The proposed Kinetic Balcony structure that is one of the tremendous innovations of Libart enhances the beauty of this penthouse which it actually deserves. The vertical retracting structure is a much better replacement for facades or concrete walls. Working on Kinetic energy, it just needs a push from top to open. On opening, it works as a windbreaker so you can enjoy the views from the balcony even if it is windy. The glass wall erected vertically behaves as a safety barrier for your kids also. Let the fresh air come in and stop the wind for a royal experience.

Libart’s kinetic glass balcony is useful for Residential and commercial purposes.Check out our projects in commercial where you will see how the restaurant owners transforming their outdoors with Kinetic systems using these charismatic windows and doors.

PeraPark Residence
Istanbul / Turkey
Residential Complexes
Telescopic Vertical Retracting Railing
1.25m x 1.85m (18 units) KU-FC
6 mm Tempered clear glass

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