Point Bornova Shopping Mall


This largest retractable roof project of Libart which is the part of a large project; named as Point Bornova Housing and Shopping Center. It has two segments; one is the residential and the other one is the shopping center. Operated by Derin Yesil architecture and consultancy together with HOK, this wonderful project was constructed on a leasable area of 52.000 m2; raising a tall residential tower of 37 stories and 26.000 m2 closed area.Located in the old Aegean city of Turkey; inspired by the intersection of western Anatolian mountains and the Aegean Sea; it is a design that combines the nature, sea, and culture of life in an urban context. This is an idea which executed into reality as to bring life to the old tradition where bazaars used for dining, shopping, entertainment activities and having outdoor funs. The approach of transforming the places and enabling them to host social interactions and cultural activities is viable with Libart slogan of Indoor Comfort and Outdoor Freedom.Largest Retractable Roof The shopping center is open every hour of the day providing a different experience which is unique, comfortable, sensational and refreshing. Maintaining the core concept of traditional bazaar but in a modern way; this occasional indoor and outdoor transition attained with the support of Libart Enclosure systems. Libart which believes that motion in architecture is the key solution for modern urbanized spaces to make them breathe and create an experience as per the human need to attain lively behavior and ultimate happiness; installed 22 bays of retractable skylights.

Point Bornova Shopping Mall
Point Bornova
Shopping Malls & Retail
Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
11m x 20m (approximately) / 22 Systems
8mm T + 16 + (4+4) laminated

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