Pool Enclosure Project #4314


Pool Enclosure Project #4314

Pool Enclosure Project #4314: In a small town like this, where everyone knows everyone else and neighbors talk to neighbors, having a home that is architecturally “eclectic” and sticks out from the community like a sore thumb is in no homeowner’s best interest.  That’s why when Phil decided he needed to make his family’s beautiful in-ground pool/hot tub/recreation area a year-round oasis — in an area where snow is expected for at least a few months every year, mind you — he knew it had to be done with an architectural savvy that would allow it to blend in to his inconspicuous and quiet little neighborhood.

With Phil’s needs in mind, Libart designed a lean-to enclosure over the pool area, combined with a retractable roof over the connecting breezeway for ventilation and easy temperature control.  The colors of and style of the structure blend into their environment beautifully so the structure didn’t create an eyesore.

Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces

This is Phil’s family’s go-to space for quality time and recreation.  With the kitchen connected to the indoor/outdoor space,  they often gather here to enjoy outdoor dining, family-style.  Furthermore, the entire structure is connected to the house with no need to step outside.  It is literally a family oasis that is open for enjoyment all year long.

Indoor/outdoor living spaces such as this are becoming more and more popular.  The average size residential pool enclosure can cost as little as $60K. Libart’s delivers a product which is superior in quality for a surprisingly low price.  Contacting a project manager for a free estimate is as easy and quick as clicking here and completing the short form.  A project manager will be in touch within 2 business days to talk to you about your options.  What are you waiting for?

The lean-to pool enclosure is manual, but the retractable roof is motorized!

Pool Enclosure Project

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