Pool Enclosure Project #4576


Pool Enclosure Project #4576

Pool Enclosure Project #4576: A beautiful coastal home where Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean is romantic and ideal for a lot of things, but an all-season, open-air swimming pool isn’t one of them!   Dennis, a very energy-efficiency-minded summer resident of Cape May, New Jersey had his mind set on installing a pool for his family’s enjoyment.

However, he was up against some interesting challenges and some even believed it would be impossible.  As if New Jersey’s moderate northern climate and short swimming season didn’t pose a big enough challenge, Dennis had heard horror stories about how difficult cleaning and maintenance of beachfront swimming pools could be.  Beach sand has a way of creeping into every nearby un-enclosed area and can cause serious cleanliness issues.

Beachfront location

A beachfront location would also leave the pool unprotected from harsh weather and the elements.  To avoid that mess and stress, Dennis began looking for a way to enclose his dream swimming pool.  That’s when he approached Libart. Ten months later, Dennis became the proud owner of a retractable pool enclosure, or what he likes to call “the pool dome.”

Heated by an underground geothermal system which Dennis controls from his phone, the waterfalls flowing into his pool are kept between 95-100 °F , which is warm enough to keep the entire enclosed area at a balmy 85-90 °F year-round.   In fact, just by heating the water, the entire enclosure has become a year-round tropical paradise, complete with living citrus and palm trees.  Dennis’s family now enjoys swimming at their Cape May paradise all year long, including during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  They’ve even hosted a pool party for a neighbor’s birthday in January!

Retractable Enlcosure

Libart structures are completely retractable, and are so easily moved that one person can open and close the entire structure by simply sliding it along its tracks from one side.  This means that Dennis and his family could easily open up the pool dome to enjoy open-air swimming and sunbathing during the summer months, but because they can enjoy the sunshine completely protected from UV rays and chilly coastal breezes, they prefer to keep it closed most of the time.  Not only does the pool dome provide shelter from the elements, it’s tough enough to stand up to the wide range of coastal weather events.   Dennis’s pool dome has endured 100 mph winds, zero-degree temperatures, and even two feet of snow!  Even the harshest temperatures aren’t enough to interrupt the family’s swim season.


Pool Enclosure Project
Cape May, New Jersey
Pool Enclosure
Pool Enclosure

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