Pool Enclosure Project #4618

Ooltewah Project


Pool Enclosure Project #4618

Pool Enclosure Project #4618: The Ooltewah Project started in late January when Wendy Roberts contacted Project Manager,  Jeff Manger at Libart North America to discuss a permanent solution for their Swim Club near Chattanooga, TN.  Over the past 7 years, Wendy and her crew were able to provide year round swimming to their members, but only through the use of an Inflatable Dome.  There was only one challenge.  High winds and unexpected air leaks would interrupt service of the dome and required round the clock monitoring to avoid accidents. Ultimately, a solution was presented from Libart USA with a Free-Standing Victory Model measuring at 70′ wide 110′ long, its largest in North America! Moreover, after the installation, Wendy Roberts of Ooltewah answered some of our questions about her experience:


  • What brought about a need for a pool enclosure?
    There was a need for a ‘dependable’ indoor/outdoor pool facility in our area.  The inflatable dome we had was not dependable at all!
  • How did you learn about Libart? And how was the process of figuring out “who to go with”?
    After researching options on the internet, the retractable building seemed like the perfect solution.  Upon making a few phone calls, it was very apparent that Libart was the way to go because of the excellent customer service and excitement and willingness to help in all aspects of being able to purchase and install a Libart pool enclosure.
  • What made you decide to name the pool enclosure?
    Naming the enclosure gives it a more professional feel, as well as allowing for instant association in the community of our enclosure.  We’ve also been able to have fun, while drawing attention to the pool enclosure, by having a “name the enclosure” contest.
  • Will you be keeping the pool open year-round now?
  • If so, will you create any new programs to suit your schedule?  Will this expand the business?
    We’ve already been able to start a year-round swim team, as well as an aqua Zumba class, water aerobics, and have become the home pool to several schools in the area and a triathlon group.
  • How impacting will the enclosure be to your facility?
    There has already been a tremendous impact in the excitement the enclosure has stirred in the community.  And we’re at the beginning of hopefully, an excellent financial impact as well.
Pool Enclosure Project
Ooltewah Swim Center
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Retractable Pool Enclosure
Free Standing V System
70 feet wide  (span) x 110 feet length for a total coverage area of 7,800 sf
6 mm Multi-Wall Translucent Polycarbonate

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