Ask any realtor what it is that hooks a potential buyer and ensures an er on a property, and they’ll tell you that it has as much to do with the buyer’s ability to envision potential as it does with the size of the kitchen and number of bedrooms.  When Lou and Tanis found their dream home, the potential for the unfinished property of twelve acres with a pristine view of the Rocky Mountains was nearly limitless.

There was plenty of outdoor-space for their alpacas to graze and meander, and the view was breathtaking.  They envisioned a private sanctuary where they could relax and entertain their family and friends with majestic mountain scenery from their chaise lounge chairs.  They knew that only the most beautiful backyard and leisure space would be worthy of such a high-end residential property, so they contacted Denver’s Robert R. Larsen A.I.A., a giant in the architectural community, to complete the design for their dream home.  Despite Larsen’s 40+ years of experience in the architectural community, this project presented a significant challenge — scale.  The sheer size of the project had Larsen researching the retractable structure market for the company that could bring his design into being. That’s where we came in.

The centerpiece for Larsen’s amazing design would feature an upper level deck overlooking a large wheel-chair-accessible pool and entertainment space which could be enclosed by a lean-to retractable structure.  The lean-to structure would enclose 2,650 climate-controlled square feet — larger than any of Libart’s residential lean-to retractable enclosures in the country!   Furthermore, it would need to endure the region’s impressive annual snow-fall average of 57 inches, and er enough protection from the elements that the area could be enjoyed during the harsh Colorado winters.   It was quite a challenge – and we love a good challenge.

Our project manager, Jeff Manger, who has studied Libart architecture since 2006, collaborated with Robert Larsen for nearly 9 months on perfecting the design of the pool enclosure.  Of course, that also included ensuring that the design of the connected upper deck was functional and ered the necessary support to be structurally sound.  Extra framing members would reinforce the structural integrity of the enclosure and the potential for snow loads of up to 50 pounds per square foot.

The man power to get this feat accomplished was tremendous, with sometimes 40 guys working there at a time. Kevin Gillen deserves the applause for the design coming to life. Robert Larsen stated that Kevin “rose to the occasion” because his background was in basement and bathroom remodeling. Kevin says “phew” when he thinks about this exhausting project, but he’s glad he participated in creating a residential paradise.

Libart’s patented SecurTrack and SecurLock systems make the retractable structure a breeze to open and close manually, and to make it even more convenient, we motorized the structure with low-voltage wireless automation systems, complete with multiple safety systems, so that the entire structure could be controlled with the push of a button.  For easy access, doors were installed on the sides of the structure, and Centor Screens ered the convenience of maintaining a cross-breeze of fresh air while protecting Lou, Tanis, and their guests from insects and the elements.

In the end, Lou and Tanis completed their dream home with exactly what they wanted – a spacious Rocky Mountain sanctuary for leisure and entertaining worthy of the high-end residential property.  It was incredible to be a part bringing this breathtaking design to fruition.  It’s such an honor to work alongside visionaries like Lou, Tanis and Robert Larsen who have the courage to say “This is what we imagine, and this is what we want.  Now, let’s make it happen.”

 Photos taken by Robert R.Larsen

Pool Enclosure Project
Lou and Tanis
Denver, Colorado
Pool Enclosure
Model TDLS, 16 bays, 8 modules, white frame
25’ W x 106’ L,  2,650 square feet
4 mm clear monolithic on sides and end and roof panels are 10 mm clear translucent twin wall

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