Pool Enclosure Project #2375


Pool Enclosure Project #2375

Pool Enclosure Project #2375: This coastal Maine home utilizes a retractable pool enclosure to gain the best of both worlds

There’s not much of a claim to fame for Sebascodegan Island, Maine, a small island north of Portland in the Casco Bay. Considered a part of Harpswell township, a tiny quiet town of 4500 people, the “Great Island “ isn’t known for much aside from a nearby architectural landmark known as the Cribstone Bridge. With harsh northern-island winters, and mild summers tempered by the Atlantic Ocean, what this tiny little corner of the world can boast about is its completely natural and picturesque scenic beauty.

Mountainous treelines dipping down to meet the rocky coastlines which, in turn, connect to the perfect horizon lines of the Atlantic have called many a poet and artist to these banks and inspired colorful phrases to romanticize and immortalize the views and experiences of the island. When wordsmiths such as Harriet Beecher Stowe, James Nelson, Elijah Kellogg, and Edna St. Vincent Millay go beyond turning phrases and set up residences in a place like this, you know without doubt that there is a visceral beauty here.

Retractable Pool Enclosure

How then, could one who is building a home complete with a beautiful indoor fiberglass pool and hot tub on this gem of an island, build walls that would obstruct the view? Once again, Libart’s retractable pool enclosure provided the solution. With the bold lines of a unique black frame complement the other property structures, and a clean, modern-yet-minimalist feel keeps the focus on the real beauty here — the view through the trees of the sun rise over the waves of Casco Bay. While the writers wax poetic for all those who aren’t fortunate enough to see this place first-hand, the only true way to experience this caliber of raw, genuine, natural beauty is to experience it first hand with an unobstructed view.

Pool Enclosures Project
Sebascodegan Island, Maine
One D5 Door in the gabled and wall , one D7 Door on the sidewalk, and 4 windows
4 millimeter clear monolithic polycarbonate for the gabled end walls and the side walls as well as 16mm multiwall clear translucent polycarbonate for the roof panels

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