Pool Enclosure Project

Pool Enclosure Project: Tucked into the trees a primordial forest situated on the north-eastern edge of the sprawling city of Istanbul, the townhouse complex known as Antorman is a masterful formation of merging dichotomies.  It’s the middle ground between the pride of owning a home and the freedom of renting one.   The complex boasts scenery featuring every color of green imaginable. Painted by the unrivaled artistry of Mother Nature herself. Combined with all the conveniences of being situated only 30 minutes from a metropolis of over 15 million people.  Antorman residents a private life where they can also be a part of a community. Plenty of opportunities for both relaxation and entertainment.

It should come as no surprise, then, that when Antorman designed their community entertainment spaces like scenic hiking through the nature-made green paradise, tennis courts, and a large swimming pool enclosure complete with hot tub, they would they would seek a happy median for  the contrast of outdoor freedom versus indoor convenience.  True to their nature, they found a perfect solution in Libart’s “K-System” telescoping skylight.

Indoor/Outdoor Pool

Additionally, Under the handsome rounded dome of Libart’s largest K-structure yet, Antorman’s outdoor poolside becomes a veritable oasis for sunshine even in the coldest of Turkish winters, making an indoor/outdoor pool.  The electronically controlled system opens and closes at the press of a button in only a matter a minutes, allowing fresh air and sunshine in when convenient, or protection from the elements and harmful UV rays when preferred.

Furthermore, when it comes to residential spaces, Antorman is the epitome of “cobblestone-street charm-meets-modern-convenience.” The townhouses are a haven for nature lovers and city dwellers alike, merging the best of all worlds into one marvelous neighborhood all in the name of good living.

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Pool Enclosure Project
Istanbul, Turkey 
Telescoping Skylight

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