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On a QFM96.3 radio interview this spring, Collin Castore, co-founder of Seventh Son Brewing Co. in Columbus, OH, and current President of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association, shared that there are 250 breweries in Ohio and growing with soon over 34 of those in Columbus.  Clearly, breweries have become the entertainment of choice for many.  The patio and rooftop spaces that enable guests to fully experience a brewery’s process and unique brand culture are continuing to become more advanced and capable of hosting patrons year-round.

Started in 2012, it’s hard to believe that Seventh Son is one of the oldest in the area.  Riding the wave, Colin and co-owners Jen Burton and Travis Spencer along with brewmaster Colin Vent – acquired both the site and the vacant lot behind their existing facility for $825,000 according to an article by Columbus Business First.

The existing facility had a patio that was oriented primarily to the western sun with the open end of the patio facing north along E. 4th Avenue.

The building has now been expanded substantially into the vacant lot with the addition of a large, 2-story, 12,000 square feet brewing area that is visible from the exiting, single-story gray building along the former western exterior wall.  The 2,000 square feet bar and retractable patio was added in traditional brick, 2-story addition with a parapet style facade along E. 4th Avenue.  The 4-panel, 75% open, SolaGlide retractable skylights are tucked in behind the second story parapet with the slope facing north alongE. 4th Avenue and the ridge to the south.

The retractable-roof idea came from Mario Batali’s Eataly in New York City, Castore said according to an interview with Colin by ThisWeek Community News.  Seventh Son was able to construct a similar retractable roof so the patio could be used in all weather conditions.  With an additional full bar, the new patio is meant to be both a taproom expansion and an event space.

According to Columbus Underground, patrons can access the rooftop patio via a door at the back of the taproom.  From there, they can take an elevator or the stairs.  More than a dozen long tables populate the space, making it optimal for large groups of friends.

Libart’s Project Manager, Jeff Manger, says space is designed for year-round use.  The skylights are paneled with multi-wall polycarbonate that prevents condensation, allows moderate daylighting, and blocks 99% of UV so it doesn’t yellow or allow sun-damage to interior contents.  The PC extrusion is sealed on both ends to prevent debris from entering the ridge and yet allow ventilation at the eve.

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Retractable Patio at Seventh Son Brewing Co.
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