Retractable Roof Project #4593

Project Details

Model: Retractable Roofing - Single slope - RRG Size: 23' x 38'

What a view!  Imagine visiting the Ceylan Hotel and taking the elevator to the 30th floor.  You step out of the elevator and on to an observation and smoking deck.  With a breath taking view across continents, guests of this hotel can enjoy it all in the climate controlled convertible living space created with Libart’s Retractable Roofing system.  Hotels across the world are discovering the incremental revenue stream that can be created when seasonal areas are enclosed providing indoor comfort and outdoor freedom for their guests.


A Retractable Roofing System in a single slope design.  Single pane tempered glass sidewalls (fixed).  Coverage Area:  23’ 7” in width (span) and 38’ 8” in length.