Retractable Roof Project #6006

Retractable Roof Project #6006: The Godfrey Hotel is the latest contender in the race for the biggest and brightest retractable roof attraction with their urban “Roofscape.”  Boasting of elegance and glamour, the fourth-floor, 15,000 square-foot event space is Chicago’s largest indoor/outdoor lounge.  Features include a video wall, water elements, a fire pit, and the quintessential Chicago skyline view.

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The Godfrey

Libart Structure at The Godfrey Hotel“The Godfrey.”  The name essentially encompasses the idea the owners had in mind. They designed this modern, upper-upscale boutique hotel in the epicenter of the Chicago’s pulsing River North district. Customer service was at the center of their focus.  An exhaustive list of amenities puts other area hotels to shame. “God-given peace” is perhaps literally the best way to describe a stay at the long-awaited Godfrey Hotel. The I/O Roofscape- Libart

Furthermore, Oxford Capital Group, as well as operating affiliate Oxford Hotels and Resorts, aren’t strangers to popular luxury hotels in Chicago. More specifically, the gallery district.  Another Oxford venture can be found in Hotel Felix. Just a few steps away, in fact.  In an act of perfect positioning in March 2012. OCG acquired the half-finished skeletal construction site that had been sitting in foreclosure-limbo for 4 years.

Moreover, they saw an opportunity, seized it, and ran with their interior designers all the way to the top position of most anticipated new hotels in Chicago, according to the Chicago Mag.  The building is Chicago’s first staggered steel truss building, vaguely reminiscent of some of the iconic area bridges, and designed by local Velerio Dewalt Train.  The cubist design is sleek, modern and definitely uniquely recognizable where it sits on the juncture of West Huron and LaSalle, only blocks from attractions such as Navy Pier, The Magnificent Mile and Millenium Park.

Rooftop Enclosure

In addition, the inner decor and design pay beautiful homage to the structural design as well as the catchy tagline, “Discover your element.”  Highly geometric with warm, deep inviting colors, the decor pairs dark wood and marble floors with brushed metal, modernistic geometric designs and sleek minimalism.  Sixteen stories (including a whopping 221 guest rooms) boast large circular light fixtures, floor-to-ceiling windows, colorful plush seating, and almost every amenity a person could wish for.  And that’s just in the walk from the front desk to the king-sized suite.

Godfrey Hotel

Godfrey Hotel

One can not “discover their element” at the Godfrey, however, without discovering the fourth floor, indoor/outdoor lounge with a rooftop enclosure known as the Urban Roofscape.  Fifteen thousand square feet of this sleek, luxurious, ohsosexy hotel are dedicated to experiencing the true elements.  Open air, fire pits, and dazzling water features are all brought together with a modern video wall, lounge-worthy comfort seating, and a southern-city horizon view  to bring guests a day-time lounging and meeting area that transitions into a twinkling, urban, late-night experience complete with cocktails.  A awe-worthy venue accommodating everyone, from business or wedding parties to overnight guests, The

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  • 20′-6″ x 79′ Fire-rated polycarbonate standing seam roof
  • 24′ x 79′ TELS R1 retraction with 1″ insulated glass
  • 44′ of Folding Doors on both sides to allow for a fully opened space