Retractable Skylights at Bristol Hotel Amman


Retractable skylights create versatility in your space. Being able to offer your guests natural light and an open-air roof creates a lasting impression. The hospitality industry is competitive. Offering your guest unique experiences and comfortable environments make people want to come to stay with you again.

Bristol Amman Hotel in Jordan added SolaGlide retractable skylights to the Luna Terras of the hotel. The hotels tagline is A Stay in Luxury. Creating an open-air experience for its guests with the touch of a button is the height of luxury.

SolaGlide functions as a retractable skylight but can form the entire roof area. So, either term is perfectly appropriate.SolaGlide is a versatile choice for your project and is ideal for restaurants, patios, and commercial and residential pool areas. Smooth and quiet, the motorized operation ensures that your guests only notice the outdoor experience you have brought to their indoor space.

According to the Bristol Hotel website, “The biggest Skylight in Amman will be available for your pleasure; whether planning your amazing wedding by the pool-side or having a fabulous dinner at the Luna Terras, you can have it all at any time of the year, whether it’s Winter or Summer, we will create the season you desire”


Bristol Hotel Amman
Bristol Hotel Amman
Amman / Jordan
Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
23m x 11m / 25m x 11m / 3m x 10m
6mm + 12mm + (4+4)mm IG

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