Retractable Skylights Offer the Best of Both Worlds


Retractable Skylights ensure you can protect your customers during inclement weather but still offer an outdoor dining feel when possible. Having an outdoor dining option is always a draw for customers.  Your floor space is valuable though, deciding to use that space for outdoor dining that can only be used during ideal weather is a risk. Installing SolaGlide offers the solution. SolaGlide fully retractable skylights open quietly with the touch of a button. They offer the flexibility to offer an outdoor dining feel without making the space unusable during bad weather, maximizing your investment.

SolaGlide provides excellent thermal and weather insulation for all climates. Standard design features include:


  • -Thermally-Broken Mullions


  • -Insulated Glass


  • -Weather-Sealed Components


  • -Hidden Drive


  • -Motorization


  • -Guaranteed Maintenance-Free Operation

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Cranston Restaurant
Cranston , RI, US
Restaurant & Cafe
Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
9.6m x 16.8m
16 mm Solar Control Grey Multi Wall PC

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