Retractable Wall Project #3588

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Model: Lean- to (2) and Guillotine Windows Size: 17 x 31' , 20 x 72' The Darkhill hotel retracts back on every side with two lean-to structures and the new Guillotine window system

lean- to

3-D Rendering

Located in the heart of the largest city in Turkey, nestled into the Beyazit District of Istanbul, sits a luxury hotel known as Darkhill Hotel.  Guests rave incessantly about the location, and why wouldn’t they?  Centrally situated with easy access to St. Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet Square, the Grand Bazaar and more, a curious tourist could see just about all there is to see in Istanbul by foot or by tram.  Rest and relaxation are at the fingertips of the more laid-back and too-exhausted-to-sightsee travelers at the in-hotel spa, sauna, and Turkish bath facilities.  No matter the traveler’s whim, whether touring or enjoying some personal pampering, all travelers seem to agree on one very important aspect of the Darkhill experience:  The view.

No single descriptor could do justice to the experience of watching the sun reflect low over the waters of the Marmara Sea from the roof-top dining area of Darkhill Hotel.  To take in that view while simultaneously enjoying the incredible cuisine and perhaps some local wine (Turkey’s been in wine business for over 7000 years, afterall!) would require multiple pages to do it justice. And yet, guests can enjoy exactly that without ever leaving the comfort of their hotel.

The view!

The view!

Retracted back

Retracted back

With Libart’s new vertical-opening, floor-to-ceiling Guillotine-style  windows covering two sides of the top floor, coupled with double lean-to retracting roof structures, Darkhill’s rooftop bar and dining area ers an unobstructed panoramic view of gasp-inducing sea-meets-sky beauty.  Those vertical windows er Darkhill guests and employees some valuable options.  The windows function as a retractable wall and can be partially opened to allow fresh air while acting as a bit of wind-shield against the blustery gales that blow in the sea.  They can also be opened all the way, sliding downward into a clear and impressively strong glass balustrade.   Let’s face it though.  Turkey isn’t famous for a mild and dry climate.  When the weather’s misbehaving (or simply “behaving” the way it does in Turkey), the retractable lean-to rooftops and retractable walls seal up tight against the rain, snow, and even the heat. That’s an absolute necessity when Istanbul’s summer temps hover around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and winter snows aren’t exactly unheard of.

simliar-projectsNo matter the season, the weather, or your traveling goals, watching the sun progress through the heavens painted in pastels over one of the most intriguing and historic cities on earth is a performance not soon forgotten.  If you find yourself in the area, we highly recommend viewing the show from the best seat in the house.


Watch it Operate



Model: Guillotine, Top-Down 66% opening.

Glazing: 6mm Tempered Sunenergy + 6mm Tempered Clear laminated glass.
10 windows, sizes 3.3m wide to 4.5m wide x 3.1 height.  Motorized operation.



1st system CELS, R3, 4M-4B,  17.3 x 31.16’ 

2nd system CELS, R2, 8M-9B, 20.34 x 72.17’ 

Glazing: 6mm Tempered Sunenergy + 12mm Air gap + (4mm clear+0,76mmpvb+4mm clear laminated) insulated glass. The structural system is made of electrostatic powder coated 6063 aluminum, and all other hardware are made of stainless material.