Retractable Wall Systems at Cooper’s Hawk

Open-Air Restaurant Ambiance with Panora Retractable Windows & Doors

The Story:

Enhancing with retractable walls, Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant is an upscale casual dining restaurant with a full-service bar. That said, there is a private barrel-aging room. A napa-style tasting room. An artisanal retail market, as well. In addition, their signature menu provides a selection of dishes designed to pair perfectly with their own Cooper’s Hawk wines, made in their private winery. For instance, one unique feature of Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurants is that each location displays exclusive décor and feel.

For the Liberty Township, Ohio retail and hospitality development, real estate developer, Steiner + Associates sought to bring in a new and exciting flavor of innovation. That said, they decided to combine a bold commercial experience with a community-oriented feel.  Furthermore, Steiner’s Seth Barritt was hoping to add a unique “dynamic” component.  That said, would ideally breed customer interaction and engagement to the location.

Steiner’s Seth Barritt contacted Stoett Industries with a challenge.  The answer was Panora.  Furthermore, construction was completed in late August 2016 with an immediate store opening on August 23rd. 

Stoett Solutions:

The Panora Retractable Windows and Doors were the perfect addition to the restaurant’s structure. Similarly, the quiet operation of the retractable windows provides the versatility that Cooper’s Hawk was seeking for their indoor/outdoor transition.  Thus, indoor guests can enjoy natural ventilation with the windows retracted in the open position.  The glass wall panels are formatted horizontally.  Therefore, guests do not have to sacrifice their panoramic views. In conclusion, Cooper Hawk’s guests get the best of both worlds!

Retractable Wall Systems at Cooper’s Hawk
Steiner + Associates
Liberty Township, OH
D4 Doors – 4
Panels Panora Retractable Windows and Door
13′ Wide by 14′ Tall
1-1/4″ Insulated Clear Glass

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