Retractable Wind Barriers at Mono Cafe

Restaurant Adds Retractable Wind Barrier to Enhance Their Customer Experience

Retractable Wind Barriers at Mono Cafe

Mono Cafe is located in Sisli, Turkey, a densely populated area often referred to as downtown Istanbul. In addition to, competing cafes operating in this vicinity, the Mono Cafe wanted to provide an exceptional dining experience with outdoor seating options. More-so, being close to the street and sidewalk, Mono Cafe wanted to find a solution that would protect their guests from any external threats.

That said, Mono Cafe installed the head-turning Kinetic Retractable Wind Barriers system. Furthermore, the glass wind barriers open and close manually with a simple touch and offer uninterrupted panoramic views when operating in either position.  In conclusiong, as durable as they are attractive, the structural glass was built to withstand harsh weather conditions and more!

Kinetic Retractable Wind Barriers

Above all, Mono Cafe’s decision to install Kinetic helped increase their patio space.  Additionally, we were able to decrease the amount of noise level from busy traffic nearby.  With the ease of retracting, Kinetic and can open and close at a moment’s notice.  Provide your patrons with the comfort they deserve.  Delivering an environment that was visibly attractive, as well as, comforting.  Next time you are in Turkey, be sure to check out Mono Cafe and their Kinetic Retractable Wind Barrier system.

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Retractable Wind Barriers
Mono Cafe
Sisli, Turkey
Wind Barriers
KU - FC SIZE: 4.9' x 6' (12 units) 
.2" tempered glass 

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