Skylight Project #4707

Skylight Project #4707

Skylight Project #4707 is located on the Turkish shore of the Mediterranean Sea on the outskirts of the city of Antalya.  It sits as a gem of a hotel and beach resort known as the Titanic De Luxe.Â.  This incredible family-friendly hotel takes its name seriously. The carpark entrance mimics the grand balustrade of a great ship’s bough. While the lobbies feature inspiring art around every corner. The the culinary possibilities draw wide eyes of more than their share of appreciative foodies.

It has an immense list of featured activities for all ages. Rock-climbing walls to numerous sparkling and sprawling water parks, the grandiose and elegant Titanic De Luxe is also well known for being family-friendly.   Gaming centers, theaters, and dance classes are just a sampling of the popular recreation options for guests. Among the list of popular options for kids and adults alike. The hotel featured shopping and a recreation area. It is covered by classical garden terrace and features 14 fully-retractable roofs!  Here, guests can enjoy a variety of shopping and culinary options in the fresh Mediterranean air with the added benefit of indoor safety.


Furthermore, handsome structures in closed or open positions. The retractable roof systems are composed of lightweight, powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel for strength and durability.  The windows feature laminated and insulated glass. For maximum control of the indoor climate, each of the skylights can be individually motorized and controlled to provide shade and climate control during different parts of the day.

Moreover, even popular tourist destinations have their share of less-than-ideal weather on occasion.  The skylight controls include automatic rain detectors. For the added convenience of both guests and hotel staff. This protect the patrons and the property from sudden or unexpected inclement weather.

Additionally, its open-air shops, bistros and restaurants and recreation area tucked away under the picturesque and inviting garden terrace. The Titanic De Luxe is a perfect example of the marriage of outdoor freedom with indoor comfort.


14 retractable roofs, CEFS / R2 Retraction, Freestanding E design, Glazing, 6mm Tempered Sunenergy + 12mm Air gap + (5mm clear+0,76mmpvb+5mm clear laminated) insulated glass. The structural system is made of electrostatic powder coated 6063 aluminum, and all other hardware are made of stainless material. 380V-50Hz electrical motors, Steel reinforced belt drive, with individual and group control option and automatic close in case of rain.