St. John’s Hotel


St. John’s Hotel

St. John’s Hotel is located along Gangmun beach in Gangneung, South Korea. It is a newly opened multi-cultural space. January 2018 marked as the official opening of this hotel. It houses over 1000 guest rooms and suites, banquet facilities and restaurants. As well as a seasonal infinity pool. The above definition was correct explaining the offerings at the hotel until the end of 2019. What happened next revamped the explanation of the facilities for the hotel customers. The hotel’s management welcomed the year 2020 with Libart Free Standing retractable pool enclosure. This transformed the seasonal infinity pool to the year-round swimming pool with complete outdoor and indoor experience.

Retractable Glass System

With this facility, the hotel positioned itself at the top in the list for the one and only in South Korea.What is this Facility and why it is different? On simple google research, you can find many swimming pool facilities in South Korea. All of these which are either commercial or within the hotels are indoor spaces that can open their glass or curtain roofs in summer and closed them in the winter season. However, the retractable enclosure at St. John Hotel swimming pool distant away with these indoor swimming pools. With its feature of complete outdoor experience all the time and indoor comfort as required in winters or bad weather. The self-supported aluminium frame retractable glass system behaves as a portable room covering the pool from all sides along with the roof.

The roof Retracts at both ends of the pool. The structure is mighty in size with the strength that can support the snow load of 300 KG. It supported the high wind load of the region which is 0.9 KN/m2. The sky color structure totally integrated with the theme of the resort. The blue beach right in front of the hotel. It maximized the elegance and grace that become the point of interest for the customers. What Libart did exceptional for this project is the seaside application which is anodization at first and then pains at the frames. Furthermore, a 12m aluminum beam was fitted in the system that became the support and strength of the sliding door for the entrance. Safety bars were custom designed and fitted in the frames that will be helping the labors and supervisors at the time of installing the retracting structure.

St. John's Hotel
St. John Hotel
Gangneung/South Korea
Retractable Structures 
L: 26m | W: 14.6m | H: 5.15m
6 mm Blue Tempered + 16 mm Air Gap + 5.5.2 Blue Half Tempered Laminated

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