Titanic Hotel Antalya


Titanic Hotel Antalya

The Titanic Hotel located in Belek, Antalya is everything the name implies; grandiose, elegant and inviting. The courtyard plaza of the hotel is covered by a classical and beautiful garden. It is complemented by 14 completely retractable skylights. This ranges from 5.1m x 4.8m (16’8” x 15’8”) to 6.4m x 20.8m (21’ x 66’4”). This covers a shopping and recreation area.

Individually motor operated, these terrace skylights provide the hotel tenants with a beautiful indoor and outdoor feel. Furthermore, whilst strolling through the halls and enjoying the sitting spaces. Rain detectors will automatically close the retractable roofing however the command console operates each of the 14 roofs individually to create the ideal climate.

Furthermore, Projects like this are a fantastic example of how our flexible designs and method can help provide the ideal retractable enclosure to ensure you indoor comfort, outdoor freedom.

Retractable Roofs

Additionally, Evolution Freestanding retractable roofs are designed to be easily opened and closed, giving you the flexibility of an indoor or outdoor living experience in the same area. Operation can be manual or motorized, utilizing SecurTrak™ system for structural safety and ease of operation. Moreover, Evolution Freestanding structures are manufactured to sites specific and user needs from 6 base models. There are extensive door and window options to provide access and ventilation without opening the system.

Titanic Hotel Antalya
Titanik Otel
Antalya , TR
Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
6.4m x 20.8m (21’ x 66’4”)
6mm Tempered Sunenergy + 12mm Air gap + 5mm clea+5mm clear laminated (insulated glass)

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